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Naslovnica Strategie und Programmzielle

Strategie und Programmzielle

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Wir suchen Geschäftspartner im Innland und Ausland wegen des gemeinsamen Exports und Entwicklung der neuen Produkte.
Die Hauptätigkeiten von CLUSTER sind am konventionälen Erzeugung basiert, aber paralell werden doch die Bedingungen fur EKO- Erzeugung vorbereitet, besonders durch Zusammenarbeit mit Ino-partnern, und durch Projekte, die aus den EU- Fonds finanziert werden.

Wir suchen Geschäftspartner fur Kooperation und/oder fur gemeinsame Investierung, Entwicklung und gemeinsames Export – besonders  und  für zusammen  EU Projekte .

Besonders für " rural development and rural tourism".

About Clusters and internationalisation of business

Euvita Cluster is organised on the territory of Northwest Croatia with the purpose of achieving programme aims of rural development and to connect small and medium enterprises in programmes of development of production and processing of agricultural products and agro tourism in accordance with the notion of sustainable development.
Its particular programme activity is creating pre-conditions for innovative programmes of development through the development of international cooperation, inter-sectoral and transnational cluster collaboration and partnership relationships, especially in joint projects of ecological production.

Following that goal, the cluster is a co-founder of rural development network and it explores further possibilities of collaboration with networks and clusters in Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Serbia. We have already established first contacts, which enables us to prepare joint projects of interdisciplinary cooperation and EU programmes.

Programme aims of the Cluster are directly connected with the issues of rural development and the notion of sustainable development as well as with the development of collaboration and EU LEADER Programme and preparations of development programmes – projects for EU Programmes.

In this respect, the Cluster is broadening its activities into some other issues such as renewable energy sources (biomass), environmental protection and preparation of programmes for financing from other EU funds, and it has been assembling a team of competent experts and consultants.